M-Pesa Pay Bill No 855600

Send your savings contributions and/or make loan payments through M-pesa using the above pay bill number. Transaction(s) done are updated in real-time.

How to make payment

1. On your phone menu, go to Safaricom>M-pesa>Lipa na M-pesa>Pay Bill option

2. Enter business no: 855600

3. Enter account no: type your membership number and the product code e.g. for member number 30 paying deposits the format will be; 30-D

4. Enter amount

5. Enter M-pesa pin

6. Confirm the payment details and press OK.


Please note that you are required to send the funds per product type (as per the instructions listed above) for automatic update to be successful. 


You will receive M-pesa notification alert that the payment has been sent to Balozi Sacco Ltd and thereafter an instant payment notification from BALOZISACCO when your account is updated.

M-Pesa Product Codes 

Savings Products   

Loan Products              

Deposit = D

Normal = N Insta = I    

Benevolent Fund = BF             

Boresha = B School Fees = SF 

Share Capital = SC

Super = S Quick Pesa = QP

Investment Fund = IF   

Normal Plus = NP                 Insta Plus = IP 
Ekeza Fund = EF Super Plus = SP Emergency = E
  Ujenzi = U      Okoa Advance = OA            
  Collateral = C Boresha Plus = BP


Thank You.


Balozi Sacco Ltd